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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Make Up Junkies

Makeup is an art and an artist must know what he/she wants in the end. You may choose for naturally beautiful look, bold and exotic nightclub look or a high-profile dinner party look, depending on the occasion and place, where you are heading. To look beautiful, you need to understand your face, your best facial features, which can be your eyes, lips, cheeks and/or eyebrows and what suits you the most. Coordinate your colors beforehand and remember, bolder colors are for exotic looks only and can play havoc on your face, if not used expertly. The basic list of products that any makeup-conscious lady needs, includes:
  • Blusher,
  • Eye Shadow,
  • Eyebrow Color,
  • Eyeliner,
  • Face powder,
  • Foundation,
  • Lip brush,
  • Lip liner,
  • Lipstick,
  • Mascara, and
  • Moisturizer.
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